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Built in 1872, this house used to belong to one of the wealthiest people in Gyumri, Petros Dzitoghtsian, living in the Alexandrapol period. Original luxurious interiors of the rich house owner are on display in the house-museum. The building is built with the famous red tuff stone of the Shirak region. 

Sergey Dmytrevich Merkurov, cousin of George Gurdjieff, was a major monumental sculptor under the Soviet regime of Greco-Armenian descent, born and raised in Gyumri. His house, built in 1896 by the Merkurov family, is part of the architectural fabric of the city, and became a museum in 1984. 

Address: 47 Haghtanaki Av.


Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 - 17:30, Sunday 11 :00 -16 :00, except Monday is closed


Sergey Merkurov Museum

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