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Born in 1992 in Gyumri, Armenia, where she lives and works.




In the framework of The Mount Analogue, a Contemporary Art Experience, Gohar Martirosyan collaborates with the Italian artist Marta Dell’Angelo.

The two artists will walk together to reach the top of Mount Aragats. The weight of their body, their footprint will transform the surface of the mountain through mild traces, shaping it as a kind of sculpture.

Gohar Martirosyan is a conceptual artist from Gyumri, Armenia. She is interested in the reasons and conditions in which subjects are being figured out in the society. She tries to find visual means by which dialogue and relationships can be established using art as a tool to help to change and rebirth archetypes. In her work, she tries to correlate a person’s psychologic sub-conscience which then transforms into conscience, giving way to action- giving freedom to man’s imagination.

At the same time Gohar’s works find their non-standard locations in the open space, where she studies the influence of the environment on the formation of a person.

After graduation from the Academy of Art, she opened solo exhibitions, such as "Parda" in 2015, collaborating with the official Gallery 25, in Gyumri and Karoyan Gallery, in Yerevan.

Tararà, 2017

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