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Born 1963 in Schwarzach/ St. Veit, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna.

Marcus Scherer works in media room installation, film and video, and is also a curator. He has worked with Josef Dabernig, Norbert Fasching, and Christoph Herndler. His works have been shown in art galleries and at film festivals all over the world.

2013: O.T.; 2011: SUBJEKT/OBJEKT; 2010: substruktur;

2006: übergangsraum 50min; 2003: weltcuparena; 2001: artistshow; 1999: PROs – reception; 1998: Timau.

O.T., 2013, colour, 4'

Substruktur, 2010, studio Initiative Architektur, videostill

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