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Armenian Arts Council

Armenian Arts Council is a non-profit institution based in Yerevan. Through a multifaceted cultural activity, AAC is contributing to cultural policy and educational strategies development in Armenia and creates synergies between local and international experiences in the field of visual and performing arts.         

Through a special partnership with the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and with the support of private partners, AAC is launching the first edition of STANDART, Triennial of Contemporary Art in 2017.

Mariné Haroyan, Director




ART for The World

ART for The World is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), founded in Geneva in 1995, Its mission is to create meaningful and lasting dialogue through the universal language of art and culture.

ART for The World mobilizes art, cinema and contemporary culture focusing on main issues of our times. Since its foundation, ART for The World has conceived numerous travelling exhibitions around the world and produced more then thirty short movies. Since 1998, ART for The World regularly collaborates with the Regional Direction of the SESC São Paulo in Brazil. Its sister organization ART for The World Europa was founded in 2005 in Italy.             

In 2015, the NGO organized the National Pavilion of Armenia at the Biennale of Venezia, under the curatorship of its director Adelina Cüberyan von Füstenberg, with the Golden Lion for Best National Participation.  


Nunu Luan, Coordinator




Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia

The Embassy of Switzerland fosters and promotes relations between Switzerland and Armenia in the fields economics, politics, culture, science and education. Since 1988, Switzerland has cooperated with Armenia in humanitarian and developmental domains. Ambassador Lukas Gasser and his team at the Embassy are the Triennial’s partners in realizing the Swiss artist Felice Varini’s installation at the Central Railway Station in Erebuni, as well as supporting the 1st Edition of STANDART, Triennial of Contemporary Art as a sponsor.

Anna Hovhannisyan EDA HVN


Armenia Art Foundation

Armenia Art Foundation (AA Foundation) is an independent non-profit organization supporting the development of contemporary art in Armenia. Based in Yerevan, it was established in 2016 by David Nazaryan and Rafael Nazaryan, and a group of people passionate about Armenian culture.

The mission of the Foundation is to support professionals working in Armenia in the field of contemporary art, and to unlock their creative potential both in the country and abroad.

The Foundation supports artists by awarding grants and initiating new art and education projects in Armenia, and involving local and international artists, curators, and theorists.

Anush Zeynalyan, Director

Hasratyan Foundation
Hasratyan Foundation’s main mission is the study and the preservation of Grigor Hasratyan’s legacy, mayor of Yerevan from 1962 to 1975. Under his leadership in the 60’ and the 70’ Yerevan transformed rapidly into a vibrant cultural environment. In 1972 the first and the only Museum of Modern Art in Soviet Union was established in the capital of Armenia. Yerevan was reshaped by modernist landmark buildings. Arts, literature and cinema flourished and the city became a scientific hub. A constant search for innovation characterized this period in Yerevan. 

Hasratyan Foundation, following Grigor Hasratyan's commitment, promotes research in the fields of contemporary art and architecture and aims to place Yerevan and Armenia again as a centre of innovation in the world.


Intellectual Renaissance Foundation
Intellectual Renaissance is a foundation based in Yerevan and active in the conservation and development of the Armenian culture and intellectual heritage worldwide. The Foundation has been active in promoting scholarship in the field of music and literature. From the begining of its activities the Foundation has developed important projects aiming at the digitalization of the Armenian musical heritage. 

Since 2015 the Foundation runs writer William Saroyan’s house in Fresno, US, and is aiming to transform it into a museum and a centre for Saroyan studies. IRF is also partnering Wikimedia Armenia by promoting the development of the Armenian language Wikipedia.

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