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Born in 1974 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He lives and works in Gyumri.


Urban Stamp, 2017

In his works, the artist uses different means of expression, realizes installation-performances, land-art, photo and video projects.
As a result of his creative searches, Manukyan first copies coins that leads him using frottage, a copying technique in his work. In 2010, he used the technique to frottage
manhole covers in Dresden and Berlin. This is how the artist enters the Urban Art environment and frottage becomes the visit card of his professional career.
Aleksey has done frottage performances in many historical cities in Europe and Asia, such as Shushi, Lublin, Kars, Diarbekir-Tigranakert, Berlin, Copenhagen, Nancy,
Brussels, Istanbul and others.
In the framework of the Triennial “Standard”, Manukyan will frottage some artifacts of historical value in Gyumri Abovyan Street and Mercurov museum which will be presented as urban stamps. Urban frottaging will create art pieces that will be transferred to another environment where the value of the urban stamps is either completely changed, their meaning and perception is challenged or new horizons for renewed meanings are open.

Aleksey Manukyan lives and works in Gyumri. In 2008 he graduated from Gyumri State Academy of Fine Arts and started working in “Emili Aregak” Day care center as an
art-therapist.Aleksey’s interest and continuous desire to develop art in Gyumri inspired him to create and cofound a number of galleries and studios, such as Gyumri
“PadVal” gallery and “ArtZone” open-air studio. He is also the co-founder of “5th Floor” creative group. Starting from 2008 Aleksey has taken part in a number of international
projects and exhibitions.


2014: Art Warning the World, Installation, Paris, France, New York, USA; 2013: Container, Installation, European Parliament, Bruxelles, Belgium; Face, performance, Gyumri; 2012: Around Caucasus, Installation, Tequali, Georgia; 2011: 5th floor Collective, Nancy, France.



Urban Stamp, 2017

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