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Born in 1983 in Metsamor, Armenia.

Lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia.


My place is empty (Memories of disappearing city)



My place is empty (Memories of disappearing city) is a narrative about the artist's teenage life and childhood replete with her experiences, fears and memories. She tells her story through images of her birthplace, the city of Metsamor.

In recounting the story of her family, she photographs the city that  grows  old.  Day by day,  elements  disappear- another  house  is  abandonned,  a  new  hole  emerges, another tree cut, recalling the loss of memory in old age. The project is a portrait, the complex portrait of a city, person,  state  and  time  period.  This  portrait  includes separate narratives which resembles chapters of a book: City,  People,Family,  Nuclear  Power  Station,  Hospital, Dormitory,  School,  Kindergarten.  Each  chapter  raising questions and generating  images of past and present.

Piruza Khalapyan’s exhibitions include: 2016: A Room of Photographer’s Own, Yerevan; 2013: Woman Photographers, Yerevan; 2012: Artsakhian picture, Yerevan; 2008-2009 Close to Home, travelling exhibition (London, Belfast, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Nicosia, Bucharest, Krakow), British Council.

Image made in late 80’s and depicting children of Metsamor.

The windows of the artists's apartment when it was on sale in 2014

The former Sport School Pool of Metsamor

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